Circus Orthodontics fees

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Our latest dental fees published below. Fees for complex treatments can vary from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the individual case, and the materials used to achieve the required aesthetic result. Complex treatments are therefore listed as "From" to provide a guide.

We have invested in additional, premium PPE, extra equipment and implemented new decontamination and safety procedures of the very highest standards that all our practice colleagues and clinicians are fully trained in.

Consequently, when you visit any Portman Dental Care practice during the COVID-19, you’ll notice a surcharge on top of the usual fees. This contributes to the additional investment now needed to ensure continued safety measures are adhered to. This may only be for a short time and is something we will be regularly reviewing.

Should you require treatment, your Circus Orthodontics dentist will issue a full treatment plan, clearly explaining the recommended treatment, all options which may be available, along with the relevant fee. There's no hidden costs or surprises.


Orthodontic fees for children (under18's)

Removable appliancesfrom £800.00
Functional appliancesfrom £1500.00
Lower or upper fixed metal appliancefrom £1500.00
Lower and upper fixed metal appliancefrom £2500.00
Tooth coloured arches (per bracket)from £350.00
Replacement removable retainerfrom £70.00
Fixed retainerfrom £175.00

Orthodontic fees for adults

Lower or upper fixed metal appliancefrom £1800.00
Lower and upper fixed metal appliancesfrom £3500.00
Clear bracketsfrom £350.00
Lower or upper lingual appliancesfrom £4800.00
Lower and upper fixed lingual appliancefrom £7200.00
Lower or upper clear removable appliancesfrom £3000.00
Lower and upper clear removable appliancesfrom £6500.00
Replacement removable retainerfrom £70.00
Fixed retainerfrom £175.00

How much does brace treatment cost?

The cost of orthodontic treatment is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • How long it will take to achieve your desired treatment outcome
  • The type of brace that you would prefer

This makes it difficult for us to provide an accurate quote for your orthodontic treatment without getting to know you a little better first! That's why we offer a consultation appointment.

  • Treatment diagnosis and planning (£95)

This requires two appointments, usually a few weeks apart. In the first appointment, we will ask how you feel about the appearance of your teeth and what you specifically hope to improve by undergoing orthodontic treatment. We will take photographs and impressions of your teeth so that we can produce study casts (models) of your teeth. We may also take some radiographs (X-ray) of your teeth. The specialist in orthodontics will then analyse these records. During your second visit, we will discuss your treatment options and the associated fees.

What is included in the cost of the brace treatment?

The cost of your orthodontic treatment will include everything you need in order to successfully complete your orthodontic treatment:

  • All of the clinical appointments necessary (including any emergency appointments)
  • A brace-care starter pack
  • Two sets of removable retainers at the end of treatment
  • Post-treatment appointments 6 and 12 months after completion of treatment

Removable retainers do wear out in time and a charge is made for providing replacements.

We are authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to offer interest-free monthly payment plans (subject to status but you must be over 18 years of age and a UK resident). 


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