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Orthodontic Treatment


What is orthodontics? What might I gain from orthodontic treatment? What is the difference between an orthodontist and a specialist in orthodontics? What is an orthodontic therapist? When should a child first see an orthodontist? Can adults undergo orthodontic treatment? Is orthodontic treatment the same for adults as it is for children? Does orthodontic treatment hurt? How long will my orthodontic treatment take? I've seen adverts for "Six Months Smiles" – can you tell me more about this? I've seen adverts for "Fastbraces" – can you tell me more about this type of brace? I'm interested in "Damon System" braces – do you offer these? Do I need to have my brace adjusted? Do I need to see my regular dentist during my orthodontic treatment? Will I need to have teeth removed as part of my orthodontic treatment? If I do need to have teeth removed, will I be left with gaps at the end of my treatment? Can you move the back teeth outwards (expand the dental arches) to make more room for the crooked teeth? Will the National Health Service (NHS) pay for my orthodontic treatment? Why is there a waiting list for NHS orthodontic treatment? Can I start my treatment on a private basis to avoid the NHS waiting list and then transfer to NHS orthodontic treatment? Can I still have orthodontic treatment if I do not qualify for NHS orthodontic treatment? How much will my orthodontic treatment cost? I play a brass/woodwind musical instrument – how will a brace affect my music? Can I still take part in sports if I am wearing a brace? Are there any risks in undergoing orthodontic treatment? I am thinking of joining the Armed Forces. Will this be a problem if I have braces?